The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space currently has a vacancy on the Executive Board for an At-Large position. A description of the role is posted below.

To be eligible to hold a national position you must be a student member of a SEDS chapter in good standing (If you are not sure if your chapter is in good standing please email our Director of Chapter affairs at

Instatement of New Officer

The Elected candidate will be instated at the close of business on the day the CoC finalizes approval. The current officers will help bring the incoming officers up to speed with everything that they have been doing.

Election Procedure and Timeline

  • January 5th – Tentative Candidate Platform Deadline For those interested in running for the position you must submit a platform ASAP. Platforms must be submitted via the below form to They will be posted online on for chapters to review prior to the January Council of Chapter Meeting where Chapter Representatives will elect the At-Large member. All platforms should be submitted as soon as possible, the application submissions will close two weeks after the first application is recieved per the SEDS by-laws for extended elections.

Role and Responsibilities of SEDS USA Board Member

At Large Board Members

At large Board members shall be responsible for promoting SEDS-USA, participating in activities of the organization, assisting with fundraising efforts lead by the Vice Chair, being actively engaged with the strategic planning process of SEDS-USA, serving as a Board Liaison on any committee assigned, and serving as oversight on the SEDS-USA organization as part of their Board role.

  • SEDS-USA Extended Election Submission

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