Since our last update, UCF-SEDS has been busy. We recently held elections and our proud to have our new president, Corey Marks, and vice president, Anderson Duran taking us to new heights. We are currently working on the Mini Hybrid Competitions (both closest to 2000ft and max altitude), Experimental Standing Rocket Competition, and will finish the L-1 Certification Program with launch day on April 14th. We are also looking for project leads for the Zero-G Experimental Payload Project, the USLI Rocket Team, and SEDS-National 10k Rocket Competition. We recently hosted a carbon fiber workshop on Saturday, March 24th and will be hosting a LabVIEW Workshop in the near future. Our last meeting of the semester will be on April 13th. Later that day we will also have a few members participating in Relay for Life. Our previous external affairs officer Gillian Smith is also currently trying to assemble a SEDS Recruitment Team. Our main goals for the upcoming semester are to recruit new members and continue to provide exciting projects for SEDS enthusiasts.

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