This Saturday at the SpaceVision 2011 conference in Boulder, Colorado, 21 chapters voted to elect the following students to the SEDS-USA board during the 2011-12 year to represent their best interests:

Chair: Dan Pastuf, UB-SEDS

Vice-Chair: Sara Meschberger, UA-SEDS

Director of Finance: Andrew Dianetti, UB-SEDS

Director of Chapter Affairs: Daniel Zhou, Purdue SEDS

Director of Expansion: Hallie Gengl, SEDS ASU

Director of Publications: Harvey Elliott, UM-SEDS

Educational Outreach: Erik Lopez, Illinois Space Society

Director of National Projects: Michael Zwach, Purdue SEDS

Director of High School Affairs: Pye Pye Zaw, SEDS ASU

Director of Public Relations: Brandon Seifert, CU SEDS

Secretary: Mary Magilligan, UB-SEDS

Webmaster: Joshua Sosa, UA-SEDS

Thank you to everyone who ran for positions and to all the chapters who voted for the 2012 SEDS board.  Also thank you to the University of Colorado, Boulder for putting together an amazing and extremely well-attended conference.  The leaders of SEDS-USA will be transitioning into these positions over the next few weeks and you can always continue to use the e-mail information on the website to contact us..

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