The University of Michigan SEDS Chapter Update: Q1 of the 2011-2012 Academic Year

  • New Academic Year Kicks Off!
    • Campus Wide Membership Drives
  • Mass Meetings
    • Had over 60 students attend, started off with brief presentation on explaining SEDS mission, why students need to get involved with the space industry early on.
  • Internship Panel
    • Former Interns spoke about their internship experiences at a variety of places (Universities, Orbital, NASA, etc.)
    • Freshman and Sophomores especially benefited from the Q&A session, learning about ways to shape their undergraduate careers in pursuit of successful internships within the industry.
  • Human Spaceflight with James P. Bagian
    • Former Astronaut and Medical Doctor Jim Bagian discussed the human factors and stories from the Challenger and Columbia mishaps to a crowd of over one-hundred people. The event brought together other space-related and biological student groups in order to listen about the risks and benefits involved with human beings going to space.

      Dr. Bagian Speaking about the Effects of Columbia and Challenger on Astronaut Safety

  • 100-Year Starship Symposium
    • Sent two members, gained contacts for possible future SEDS events.
  • SpaceWeek
    • Two model Sputnik’s were built and displayed prominently on Campus; the models became talking point’s for passing students and faculty members from all departments across the university.

      Small-Scale Sputnik: 1 of 2 around the Michigan Campus

    • SEDS sponsored Movie Night – Moon
    • Space Party – Threw an end-of-the-week Space Party to honor all of the past, present, and future endeavors into Space.
  • SpaceVision 2011
    • Sending 10 people! Can’t wait to see everyone there.
  • Future Events
    • Include speaking events and outreach events to be detailed later.

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