Events ISSS is Doing:
  • Joining with multiple groups on campus (the honors program, the physics club, and others) to provide a tour of the night sky to the general Iowa State Student to generate interest in astronomy and our club
  • Outreach events that focus on teaching basic space/astronomy/rocketry related topics to Science Bound High School Students and more simplified topics to grade school through middle school students in the local area
  • The Iowa State Space Society will hold a rocket competition in the spring and will hold workshops and provide some materials and all tools necessary to build B-D motor rockets. All students will be welcome to participate and the workshops will allow experienced engineering/rocket tycoon students to lend a hand and share their knowledge with new-to-rocketry students.
  • A professor at our University (Dr. Curt Struck) has been invited to give a mass lecture to all engineering/science clubs (organized by ISSS) about his recently published book about Colliding Galaxies.
  • Iowa State Space Society members will partner with Tau Beta Pi engineering Honor Society to host a roller coaster and catapult competition for Engineering bound High School Students.
  • We will be attending SpaceVision.
  • We will be attending a high powered rocketry launch in Papillion, Nebraska so members are able to attain their high powered rocketry certification
  • Our USLI Team has been accepted to compete in the national competition.
  • We have just fromed a team to compete in the high powered rocketry competition for the Wisconsin National Space Grant.

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