Purdue SEDS currently has three major technical projects. The hybrid rocket is being completed and should launch within the next year. The USLI team is submitting their proposal to NASA today. The SEDS rocket is underconstruction and will be flown before SpaceVision 2011. Our current plans for outreach include plans on attending CSI at the Indiana State Fair, as well as attending Horbert High School in northern Indiana to get the high school kids there interested not only in engineering related fields, but more specifically engineering related fields at Purdue. Our Outreach lead is planning some activities for elementary school kids to get them excited about space at an early age. Also, working with USLI and we are planning an outreach event together, and all the details are still pending. Social events currently in the works are getting a cosmic bowling scheduled really soon, otherwise we have a rocket bbq picnic coming up.

Purdue SEDS has formed a committee which is preparing a proposal to host SpaceVision 2012 at Purdue University and in the mean time we are fund raising to cover costs to support this years trip to SV2011 in Boulder Colorado. We have ~20 interested members in attending but are not entirely sure we will be able to raise enough fund to get all of them there/help with hotel costs.

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