Reflection on NASA Human Spaceflight Meeting

September 22, 2011 in News by SEDS Chair

The House of Representatives’ Committee on Science, Space, and Technology hosted one of the most exciting hearings in recent times on September 22nd, featuring great thoughts from Neil Armstrong, Gene Cernan, Dr. Maria Zuber, and Dr. Michael Griffin.

It was very exciting to see so many great minds on one panel answering the questions of congress. It was also good to hear so many of those in attendance express the need for goals for future space exploration to help inspire students around the country and around the world. While some of those present disagree on just how it should be accomplished, all of the representatives and guests shared the belief that NASA’s mission to explore space should be strongly supported in future congressional budgeting.

While it was somewhat disappointing that Mr. Armstrong did not ever directly refer to the student letter forwarded to him by SEDS-USA, we were extremely pleased to have some comments voiced on our behalf by Representative Dana Rohrabacher from California. Hopefully more of the guests and committee members present will get a chance to take a look at some of the thoughts penned by SEDS students in coming days and take our interests into consideration going forward.

The leaders of SEDS-USA sincerely hope that students will continue working to make their voices heard in coming weeks as Congress debates various dueling NASA budget allocation plans. It is our hope that the leaders in congress make the right investments to push NASA and its contractors forward into the future and allow them to begin a new era of space exploration in our lifetimes.

Ad Astra,

Rick Hanton