At the beginning of September GWSS SEDS appointed new chapter leadership and began planning for the semester. To kick off the semester we held a networking happy hour on Sept. 7 which brought together current chapter members from the GW Space Policy program and the GW School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, former chapter members, and members of the broader DC space community.

GWSS SEDS members are traveling extensively in September and October to participate in conferences and activities. These include the CalTech Space Challenge: Mission to an Asteroid (Pasadena, CA), AIAA Space 2011 (Long Beach, CA), 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium (Orlando, FL), SpaceVision2011 (Boulder, CO), Space Generation Congress (Cape Town, South Africa), and the International Astronautical Congress (Cape Town, South Africa).

GWSS SEDS is also working to assist AIAA and Explore Mars, Inc. with events to be held on the GW campus this fall.

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