Over the past few weeks the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill SEDS chapter has been busy at work recruiting new members, finding interested community partners and planning a semester’s worth of events.  We have been trying to build a network of support both on and off campus for our future ventures and events.  We have been in contact with the Chapel Hill Astronomical and Observational Society to organize some viewing nights in the near future.  We have been in talks with the North Carolina Space Grant trying to secure funding for possible high altitude balloon launches and rocketry experiments.  Our representatives are speaking to local schools trying to organize a program where UNC SEDS comes once or twice a month to show kids the potential of science and the final frontier.  We also have been continuing a discussing with the Morehead Planetarium for a partnership between them and UNC SEDS to benefit both organizations.

The main push over the summer and the start of the fall semester have been to get UNC SEDS well recognized by the campus community and to find a group of parties that are interested in working together to help build the space advocacy community in central North Carolina.

More specifically right now we are organizing our trip to SpaceVision 2011, filling all of our executive board positions, recruiting for the general body, deciding on dues and attending to other administrative matters.

We see our involvement and participation in both local and national events events picking up sharply once we have settled down have a solid leadership structure this year.

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