SEDS-UCF has been busy this semester so far, recruiting and participating in numerous projects.  We recently had our first meeting and found a heavy interest in attending the upcoming Spacevision from our newer members.  There is also a public symposium happening locally called the 100 Year Starship Symposium that some of our members are planning to attend.


We have numerous projects planned and in progress.  Right now, our older members are currently participating in the SEDS National High-Powered Rocketry Competition.  We are planning to perform the test launches and the competition launch for October.  We also have a Rockoon project in the planning stages.  We are planning to work with the local INCOSE chapter on a weather balloon and branch off from there.  Our newer members have started participating in FSGC/NEFAR Hybrid Rocket competition.  We also have plans for rocketry workshops for our freshmen members and an L1 Certification workshop.


10k team members working on carbon-fiber fins for the rocket

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