For this quarter, FIT SEDS spend most of its time idle, given that most members were away for summer vacation. However, upon returning, we held our first meetings with our new officers and members. Various introductions were made, including a guest speech by our Dean of the College of Science, Hamid Rassoul. The theme that was stressed was action, with many new activities planned for the upcoming year.
So far FIT SEDS has had three general meetings this semester. By the second week of the school year we had a successful Krispy Kreme donut fundraiser, selling 25 dozen donuts and raising about $80 for our organization funds. In addition, a major initiative of ours this year is to raise awareness of the International space station locally. With a great deal of help from our advisor and shuttle astronaut Samuel T. Durrance, we are working to first gather information about the ISS, and later secure public displays and interactive ways to exhibit the information. Although this initiative is still in its beginning phase, the effort is already very organized and promises to bear results within the next quarter.

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