New Members

David Peterside – University of Florida – Gainesville, Florida

Maggie Brown – Miami University – Oxford, Ohio

Accepted to Graduate School

Hans Waldenmaier has been accepted to a PhD program at the Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He will be working with Dr. Cassius Stevani to study bioluminescent mushrooms.  Here is a photo of Hans setting up his telescope to observe a shuttle launch.


Our student Christina Johnson’s work with the BRIC-16 project will be published in next month’s edition of Astrobiology:  An Endogenous Growth Pattern of Roots is Revealed in Seedlings Grown in Microgravity.  Here is a photo of Christina with her faculty mentor Dr. John Z. Kiss.

Upcoming Events

9/22/2011 – Our students Robert Ocampo, Maggie Brown, David Peterside, Chelsey Robinson, Johnny Wise and Christina Johnson will join AIAA at the Capitol for a panel entitled “Students Bringing Space Research Down to Earth,” 1-3pm Russell Senate Office Building room 253.

10/21/2011 – Dr. Heike Winter-Sederoff will visit Miami University, Ohio to present a seminar “Transcriptional and posttranscriptional regulation of tropic responses in plants.”

11/2-6/2011 – Annual Meeting.  We are preparing for the 2011 American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (ASGSB) & International Society for Gravitational Physiology (ISGP) joint meeting in San Jose, California .  This is when our student members get to meet in person to decide on the upcoming year’s events and vote in new officers.


Our student website:

ASGSB has a website:

We also have a Facebook page and a Facebook group.

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