UB-SEDS has been concentrating largely on its large Rocketry and Nanosat project groups in this past quarter, although other groups have also been in action:

Rocketry is close do finished with the high-powered system, which will be launched during early October.  It will fly 10 pounds to 10,000 as part of the SEDS Rocketry Competition.  After that project has been completed, the Rocketry Project Group will transition to design and development for the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition, which will include a custom flight computer and hybrid propulsion.

Nanosat leadership attended Preliminary Design Review in Logan, UT, in mid-August, as well as part of the SmallSat Conference.  Comment review with the USAF is this morning!  The size of the team is up past 50 now, as well, just in time for Critical Design Phase!

The High-Altitude Balloon Group is building their payload, which should launch later this month.  The system will include a GPS Phone and HAM radio for tracking.  It will collect data on height, pressure, temperature, and other environmental conditions.  This project will continue if and when members propose supplementary experiments (which may be desirable for Nanosat testing).

The Educational Outreach Group is beginning biweekly volunteering at the Buffalo Museum of Science.

The Astronomy Group is looking forward to ordering new eyepieces and solar equipment this semester, and also will hopefully be observing the supernova in M101, pending good weather.  In addition, the group hopes to start on the plans for a large-scale, student-run observatory on campus, with corporate and charitable support.

Lastly, the party committee will soon begin planning for Yuri’s Night 2012, which should draw 100 or more people to a location in the city to celebrate the universe.

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