One 25-year-old Canadian Uses His Talents to Campaign for NASA

June 19, 2011 in News by SEDS Chair

I’m sure that many of us who get our information and our news from the internet have seen one of the videos circulating recently that used a variety of pictures and Carl Sagan’s words to campaign for NASA. Sagan’s prescient words and the vivid images can certainly move even those folks who are not space fans to begin with.

It is amazing that these extraordinary videos are made and posted to Youtube by one ordinary guy in Canada named Reid Gower. Reid is simply a NASA fan who was tired of hearing bad things about a space agency not allowed by the government to speak to the people on its own through ad campaigns. So Reid stepped in and created his own campaign. Hopefully you will take the time to watch some of his videos below and consider how you could use your talents to help support NASA or your own favorite government space agency or commercial space company of choice. Here’s a link to Reid’s Facebook Fan Page too if you want to support his work.