We’ve been holding sidewalk astronomy events on our main campus thoroughfare every couple of weeks with our 8″ Dobsonian telescope (new this semester, purchased with student government funding). This has probably been the most successful and purposeful thing we’ve ever done. Responses from the many passersby have been amazing. We’ve also been joined on one such occasion by a member of the Oklahoma City Astronomy Club, Christian Bruggeman, who brought in a 12″ Dobsonian.

The night of April 29, we hosted Dr. Susan Postawko, a planetary scientist from our Department of Meteorology at the National Weather Center. 20 to 30 people showed up to hear her talk about past, present, and future climates of Mars. Officer elections were held the same night, yielding President Adrian Lucy (astrophysics), Vice-President Amber Williams (meteorology), Treasurer Mathew Smeltzer (aerospace engineering), and Secretary Jodi Berdis (astronomy).

Our 2011-2012 budget currently stands at $620, granted by our student government. We will be pursuing additional funding from the Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium, and plan to send some members to SpaceVision 2011.

Our new Facebook page, replacing the old group: OU SEDS — http://www.facebook.com/pages/OU-SEDS/105217029565561

Our Twitter, now under new management: @sedsou — https://twitter.com/sedsou

If you’d like to be on our email list, let us know at seds@ou.edu or ou@chapter.seds.org!

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