SEDS at Boston University has gotten off to a great start with our new executive board for 2011-2012!

The most significant recent event has been a joint project between BU SEDS and BU AIAA. We are currently developing a weather balloon satellite which will be launched hopefully sometime in May 2011 up to an altitude of 106,000 feet. It will carry sensors measuring altitude, humidity, temperature, acceleration, GPS location and other variables as well as a GoPro high-definition video camera. There will also be a special payload on board, (no wheel of cheese here.) BU SEDS and AIAA hope to further develop this project into a low-cost and reliable platform for high-altitude atmospheric research available to BU faculty and students. The project is primarily funded by BU Student Activities Office.

Our regular meetings have concluded for the semester to allow members to prepare for finals, but our new President, Kevin Zagorski BU ’12, and new Vice President, Emily Metivier BU ’13, are getting ready to go to ISDC in a few weeks. We hope to see some of you there!

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