The efforts of UB-SEDS in the past month have mostly been taken up preparing for our Yuri’s Night Celebration, which will be held in the City of Buffalo at Pearl Street Grill and Brewery on Friday, April 8.  You can find more information here.  We have space for 300 people, so if you have friends or family in Buffalo, tell them to come!Our project groups have also been keeping busy this month:  Sunday, March 27, our astronomy project group braved the cold and held a solar observing event outside our Student Union, where we interacted with many community members, and had our photo taken by a photographer from the University at Buffalo Student Experience, which was featured on their Facebook page and the SEDS-USA Facebook page.

UB-SEDS is also working on a high-altitude weather balloon project, which we hope to launch by the end of April.  We are ordering parts, and finalizing electronics design.  We hope to integrate instruments to measure temperature, pressure, radiation and other environmental factors, at various altitudes.

Our rocketry project group is gearing up for two competitions, including the SEDS Competition.  Launches continue as normal.

We also found out a couple weeks ago that our proposal for the Air Force NANOSAT Program was accepted, so our Lead Engineer and Principal Investigator have been conducting interviews for the lead and volunteer positions.

Educational Outreach has been going to the Buffalo Museum of Science to host fun activities for kids, and to host the UB RASC-AL rover team, which is working on outreach for their NASA project.

In miscellaneous news, we will be holding elections for 2011-2012 officers next week.

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