SEDS-USA is happy to announce the SEDS 2011 High-Powered Rocketry Competition. Competitors are tasked with designing, constructing, and launching a high-powered rocket carrying a 4 kilogram payload to a height of 10,000 feet, as measured by a standard altimeter. Regardless of their prior launch experience, careful considerations were taken into account to ensure that all SEDS chapters would have a fighting chance in this competition.

Chapters who decide to compete will be scored on not just whether they are able to achieve the standard height of 10,000 feet, but also on the weight of their rocket; the lighter, the better the score. Additional points will also be awarded if a video camera is used as the payload for the rocket.

Full competition rules and details can be found at:

The competition end date is October 9th, 2011. The winning chapter will be announced at SpaceVision 2011. If your chapter is interested in competing, please contact SEDS-USA Director of National Projects, David DeBoth, at expressing your interest.

Best of luck!

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