There are now less than 20 days left to participate on behalf of your chapter in the SEDS SpaceWiki Winter 2010 contest.  We’re working to help our friends at the new website generate articles about companies, people, and events in the “New Space” industry.  And, if your chapter is able to generate the greatest amount of useful additions to the wiki by February 1, you could win $600 for your chapter to use on your own projects and programs at your school!

If you don’t know how to add to a wiki, it is really easy!  The first rule is to not be afraid to take chances make mistakes and get messy.  Just go to, get an account (they prefer that you use your actual name as the username, i.e. “Jane Doe” rather than “jdoe”), add some information first to your user page about you and add a picture if you have one, then go exploring and add some information to any of the articles that could use some work.  If you want to get fancy and add tables and pictures and links, go check out for a lot more information about that stuff.

Also of note, also just created a wiki site that they have begun building and have some great pages like that lists tons of great space apps for your iPhone or Android phone that you should check out.

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