December 1, 2010
University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space USA (SEDS-USA) announced the winners of various awards at their national conference recently. The national student space advocacy group hosted a Youtube Video Advertisement contest during the weeks before the conference and announced the winning videos at the SpaceVision 2010 banquet. Also at the banquet, the national organization announced the winners of four of the organization’s yearly awards to students and chapters.

The top three videos in the SEDS Video Ad Contest were shown during the banquet and the winners were announced shortly thereafter. The video submissions were judged by William Pomerantz of the X-Prize Foundation, Will Watson of Space Frontier Foundation and Gary Barnhard of National Space Society (NSS).

The judges awarded a video from Arizona State University students submitted by Freddie Paull first place in the contest. The group won $200 prize money from the Space Frontier Foundation, free registration at the International Space Development Conference in May 2011, a year of NSS membership and a SEDS t-shirt. Andrew Dianetti from the University at Buffalo won second place followed by Pye Pye Zaw from the University of Arizona who took third. The 2nd and 3rd place winners each won $50 and SEDS t-shirts. The videos created for the contest will be used to raise awareness about SEDS-USA nationwide.

The banquet ceremony also sought to recognize the work of outstanding SEDS leaders and chapters over the past year through awards whose recipients were nominated by conference attendees. Former SEDS Chairman Joshua Nelson recognized the new University of Wisconsin-Madison SEDS chapter as the New SEDS Chapter of the Year. The University at Buffalo was recognized by Nelson as the SEDS Chapter of the Year. The “We Want Our Future” project spearheaded by SEDS students around the country and led by Bradley Cheetham was recognized as the SEDS Project of the Year. Lastly, the incoming Chairman of SEDS, Rick Hanton, was awarded the Todd B. Hawley Leadership Award for his work as the Director of Expansion for SEDS-USA over the past year.

SEDS-USA congratulates all of the recent award winners and would like to thank all of the students around the country who have worked to make 2010 an amazing year for the student-led organization.

Media Contact:

Rick Hanton
Chairman, SEDS-USA
Phone: (651) 747-5864

About SEDS:

The Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is the world’s only independent, fully student-run, pro-space nonprofit organization. Founded in 1980 by students frustrated with the stagnation of NASA after Apollo, SEDS has inspired tens of thousands of students to pursue careers in science, engineering, and technology. SEDS supports a network of over 25 student chapters across the United States, hosts the largest student run space conference in the world, provides students opportunities to develop their leadership skills and professional networks, and inspires others through their involvement in space-related projects. Alumni can be found throughout the space industry in both traditional and “New Space” companies. For more information visit:

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