Every year Cosmonautics Day in Russia is held on April 12 and a few years ago, some friends of SEDS decided to share it with the rest of the world as Yuri’s Night, a global celebration of space-faring humanity. As part of the global celebration, over 200 parties were held around the globe in 2010. SEDS-USA students were a major part of running Yuri’s Night 2010 and many SEDS groups attended the parties held in honor of Yuri Gagarin this year. Learn about the experiences of SEDS chapters below:


At the National Space Society Space Coast Chapter’s Yuri’s Night, SEDS-UCF danced the night away with celebrities like Bob Cabana (KSC Director) and astronauts Bob Springer and Jon McBride.

SEDS-UCF Yuri’s Night Booth

SEDS-UCF Dancing with NASA AstronautsSEDS-UCF Dancing with NASA Astronauts

Texas A&M SEDS

Texas A&M SEDS had a presence at the Yuri’s Night Houston event and celebration last Saturday. Members had a great time interacting with attendees and informing them about what SEDS does and how to get involved in space advocacy. They helped with the Yuri’s Night outreach day and danced on Saturday night with a storm trooper at the celebration.

A&M SEDS Doing OutreachA&M SEDS Doing Outreach

Dancing with StormtroopersDancing with Stormtroopers


CUSEDS rocked their 5th consecutive Yuri’s Night Boulder World Space Party on April 10th at the Lazy Dog in Boulder. Crowds surged to hit the 300 person capacity and saw 500 individuals throughout the night of live music. Areopagitica is pictured on stage, one of three bands also includig H1N1 and Other Side of Clearview.

CUSEDS Yuri's Night 2010CUSEDS Yuri’s Night 2010

Carol and Michael Simpson pose for a photo with 5-time Yuri's Night Boulder Event Coordinator Ryan L. KobrickCarol and Michael Simpson pose for a photo with 5-time Yuri’s Night Boulder Event Coordinator Ryan L. Kobrick


Boston University and MIT SEDS had a joint Yuri’s Night party and many people came dressed for the occasion in space suits or top hats.

Ben gives a SEDS Thumb's UpBen gives a SEDS Thumb’s Up

Lots of SEDS StudentsLots of SEDS Students

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