We have a winner! Ganesh Kumar of the host university, Vellore Institute of Technology, won the ISU scholarship with his design. More details will be posted on 15 October with the post-SEDSIC report.

As a part of the international conference, SEDS-Earth is hosting a design competition. The topic: design a series of lunar rovers for remote exploration that fit in a 20 kg payload. The winner will receive a half-tuition scholarship to the International Space University (based on a recent Summer Session Program, this is an award of approximately US$10,000).

  • To participate, Letters of Intent due by 13 July.
  • Design proposals due by 3 August.
  • Proposals will be judged by a team of professional scientists and engineers.
  • Winners must attend SEDSIC to give a presentation on the proposal in order to receive the award.
  • Selected entries will be invited to present their proposal at the conference. A summary of all proposals will be presented in a technical session at the IAC in Hyderabad.
  • Other awards will be given as they become available.

The full rules and details are located at SEDSWiki. Students of all ages and technical experience are encouraged to participate.

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